Why should I skydive at MRVS?

Here are just a few of the reasons.

Missouri River Valley Skydiving is a high level training center, staffed by enthusiastic and highly trained professionals, at a beautiful facility that boasts a history of skydiving operations dating back to 1974!

Our premier location offers simply breathtaking views of the gorgeous Missouri River, as well as climate controlled buildings with restrooms, an onsite snack shop, a covered observation area with picnic tables for spectators and 160 acres of unobstructed, safe landing area.

Our facilities simply cannot be rivaled! Nor can the care and personal attention that you will get as a first time (or second time, or long time!) skydiver. When you skydive with us, you are part of our skydiving family! We have a great aircraft that is the perfect size to accommodate comfort, while still offering an intimate experience in which you are not lost in the crowd.

There is great diligence on every front, by every member of our staff, to create an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. Not only will you think “AWESOME!” in the air, two miles above the earth, going 120 mph… you will also love the special treatment that you receive on the ground, making this adrenaline-packed experience as truly incredible as possible.

Tandem FAQS

Where is MRVS located?

We are located less than an hour away from downtown Kansas City, near Richmond and Lexington.

Currently there is a slight detour you should follow to avoid road construction. Please avoid the Henrietta exit from Highway 13, and instead take the J HWY / Hardin exit, then follow signs for the Airport (large green signs) and MRVS (smaller white signs.)

What are the requirements to tandem skydive?

All tandem passengers and students must be over 18 years of age, and less than 220 lbs the day of their skydive. A valid photo i.d. is required prior to jumping.

What should I wear?

Skydivers should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the season, and tennis shoes.

How hard is the landing?

We only use the most modern parachutes with square shaped canopies at Missouri River Valley Skydiving, which allow amazing controllability and stand-up landings into our grassy landing area.

How long is the training?

Tandem skydive training takes approximately 20-40 minutes, and consists of an instructional video and personal briefing from your instructor. You will be attached with a 9-point harness to your instructor for the tandem, so there is no burden of responsibility for you during this skydive other than to relax and have fun! During the briefing, you will be introduced to the aircraft, the equipment, and the basics of the skydiving “arch” – the body position that will allow you to have the most comfortable skydive. Then, we will assist you in gearing up and preparing for flight.

Is skydiving safe?

There is an element of risk involved, as there is with most activities that one engages in on a daily basis, such as driving a car. The risk of driving a car is mitigated by prioritizing safety through simple but effective habits such as wearing a seatbelt, obeying speed limits, driving with awareness and caution, maintaining one’s vehicle, etc. As technology has improved over time, skydiving in general has become much safer and the risk has diminished drastically. In addition, Missouri River Valley Skydivers utilizes exceptionally trained professionals, and meticulously maintained-equipment. Two such pieces of equipment that you should know about: the AAD and the Reserve Parachute. An AAD is an Automatic Activation Device which deploys your parachute for you in the unlikely event that your instructor does not, and the Reserve Parachute is a second, back-up parachute that is on board every skydive in the unlikely event that your main parachute does not deploy. So, you can already start to relax. Your safety is our primary concern.

Student FAQS

Is there a package discount?

Yes! If you would like to purchase any phase of our Triple Ot School as a package, we will discount 10%.

Why should I choose MRVS?

Unobstructed landing area, excellent air to ground communications, extremely qualified professionals with decades of experience, well maintained gear and onsite parachute professionals, friendly and personal atmosphere, great sense of community, regular social events, and absolutely stunning scenery.

How long does it take to get licensed?

The timeline to licensing depends on the student’s availability to skydive, and individual pace of skill development. It is not uncommon to see students graduating in the 3-6 month range.

How many jumps are in each phase?

Phase 1 typically takes between 8-15 jumps. AFP tends to be closer to 8, and IAD tends to be closer to 15.

Coaching jumps are required until student is released from coaching, an average number is 3-5 coach jumps, but it varies from student to student.

Students who have been released from the coaching phase are free to choose between solo or coach jumps for the remainder of their student progression (25 minimum jumps to be eligible for USPA A License.)

Which Phase 1 option is best?

Compare the highlights of each program on the Solo Skydiving page and see which fits you best, this is a decision for the student to make based on their personal preference.

When is ground school hosted?

Ground school is hosted on a monthly to bi-monthly basis with rolling admission. Watch for announcements on facebook, or reach out to us about the next session.

Will I need my own gear?

Gear rental is included in Phase 1 and 2. In Phase 3, you will need to rent gear. The cost is $35 per jump or $50 for a daily rental.

What conditions can I jump in?

Winds must be less than 14 mph.

Licensed FAQS

Do you welcome licensed jumping?

ABSOLUTELY! We welcome all USPA license holding skydivers to enjoy our drop zone. In fact, we regularly hold fun jumping only days. Give us a call to find out if we’re hosting one this week!

Do you require an AAD?

We do currently require the use of an AAD.

Can I stay on site for the weekend?

Sure! We have campgrounds that accomodate both tents and RVs or other campers. We have electric and water hookups, a grill and picnic area, and other accommodations for our skydiving family and visitors.

What other requirements are there for new jumpers?

We will need you to register with us by signing a waiver, and producing a current data card and USPA membership card. After that, you are all set! Blue skies.

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