Tandem Skydiving at MRVS

The most streamlined path to human flight.

Your adventure starts here! For your first skydive, you will be safely attached to a licensed, professional skydiving instructor on a Tandem Skydive. Tandems are the most seamless way to move skydiving from your Bucket List to your “I DID IT!” list!

At Missouri River Valley Skydivers, you will skydive from altitudes of up to 13,000 feet above the earth. Flying at 120+ mph, you’ll achieve up to 60 seconds of free fall. And there is nothing like it on this earth.

During parachute opening, you will find yourself transitioning from chaos to divine. The rush of wind around you quiets, and your high speed dive through the sky now feels more like floating. At this time, you can take in the serenity of the beautiful Stockton Lake and Pomme de Terre Lake from a bird’s eye view. You can even participate in steering the parachute with instructor guidance.

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Tandem Skydive

  • 7,500 ft

  • Recommended for first timers.

  • 10-20 sec of freefall.

  • Video/Photo Packages Available.

+ Altitude

  • 10,500 ft

  • Recommended for repeat jumpers.

  • 20-40 sec of freefall.

  • Video/Photo Packages Available.

++ Altitude

  • 13,000 ft

  • Recommended for seasoned jumpers.

  • 40-60 sec of freefall.

  • Video/Photo Packages Available.

Video or Photos

  • Produced with Music (Video)

  • Personal Interviews (Video)

  • Frefall & Parachute (Video)

  • Frefall and Parachute (Stills)

Video & Photos

  • Easily shareable link.

  • All footage utilized.

  • Published online.

  • Upgradeable to DUAL Cam (+ $25)


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Bolivar, MO

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