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Did you know that only 0.01% of the population will make a skydive in their lifetime? Furthermore, only 0.0001% ever become licensed! Perhaps you’ve already made a tandem jump, and want to take your training further. Or maybe you’re just looking for an exhilirating, life changing hobby! Either way, we invite you to join the ranks of our 3 phase skydiving school.

In Triple Ot, we offer an intense skill building course which upon completion enables you to receive your official license. Licensed skydivers (lovingly referred to “fun jumpers”) make the sky our playground: diving through hula hoops, playing catch, making formations, and many, many, other fun activities that require the advanced set of skills that our course will set you on a path toward acquiring.

Earning your license will enable you to solo skydive all over the world, and participate in the many disciplines of the sport which can provide a lifetime of achievement, recreation, and friendship. It all starts here!

Licensing eligibility begins when a student has completed their USPA A License proficiency card, and a minimum of 25 total jumps. Throughout your student progression, all jumps (except solo) will be filmed and all footage is included at no additional cost, as it is part of movement and skill analysis for training.

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Phase 1 - Option A

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)

  • Focuses on parachute piloting first.

  • Lower altitudes = more affordable.

  • Economical way to start.

  • Leads to USPA License

Phase 1 - Option B

Accelerated Freefall Progression (AFP)

  • Integrated freefall up front.

  • Higher altitudes = more learning.

  • Comprehensive approach.

  • Leads to USPA License

Phase 2


  • Follows graduation from Phase 1.

  • One-on-one with professional coach.

  • Debriefing after every jump.

  • Introduction to parachute packing.

Phase 3


  • Follows release from coaching.

  • Feel the freedom of solo skydiving.

  • Set and achieve personal goals.

  • Demonstrate parachute packing.


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